Jaime Bodkin

Jaime has been in a fitness industry as a trainer, martial arts coach and
conducting fitness classes for over 12 years. He has worked with
recreational “keep fitters” as well as competitive athletes.

Jaime has an extensive experience in combat from coaching to competing.
He has won a number of titles, from Light Continuous Kickboxing
British/European/World Champion to Aba Boxing Novice London Champion.

Jaime has a passion for kettlebells training, Olympic lifting and power
lifting which he uses in his strength and conditioning coaching.

In 2013 Jaime was nominated and won the title for the Coach of the Year for
Wandsworth Council.

When working with the individuals or coaching groups Jaime likes to create a
progressive and constructive workout plan with measurable goals.

Jaime’s classes are design to take participants on a journey of self
achievement, gradually increasing intensity and difficulty of each session.