My name is Kevin Bridge and I am a qualified yoga teacher. 12 years ago I decided to participate in an Ashtanga yoga class. Up to that point I was lifting weights and attending kickboxing and martial arts classes. I wanted to improve my flexibility and felt that I needed to do something gentle for my mind and body.

Whilst doing yoga I felt more at peace and harmony deep within. As time went on, my mind became more opened to other forms of yoga; Yin Yoga and Hatha Flow. Reaping the benefits of these I decided to incorporate them in various sequences and now present to you Yogafusion.

Yoga becomes a lifestyle once you practise on regular basis. With time and application your mind will become less focused on the physical aspect and more on the mental. Personally it gives me clarity and focus, happiness and confidence.

I am passionate about teaching and helping other reach their full potential. Yoga is medicine for the mind, body and soul. Highly recomended.