Rest and unwind in our lovely relaxation area. A steam room, heated ergonomically-designed loungers, high pressure showers and sauna are all here to help you relax after your workout or just after a stressful day. No need to use the gym! All in comfortable yet luxurious surroundings.

Spoilt for choice? Sauna or steam – let us help…

A lot of research has been carried out lately particularly on the health effects of the sauna. The heat opens up the pores in the skin and cleanses the body. Perspiration removes waste, evens out the temperature and cools down, simultaneously keeping the skin clean and beautiful.

The steam room on the other hand, will give you a wetter, humid type of heat, with slightly less intensity that will deep clean and moisturise the skin for a healthy glow. The steam room is the perfect option for relaxing tight, overworked muscles and reducing aches and pains in joints leaving the body rejuvenated and the mind revitalised.

So, simply sit back and enjoy the experience.

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