Katie began yoga at 11 and immediately felt like there was some kind of magic in the strange positions that yoga taught. Since those early days Katie has travelled to India multiple times to study the traditions of yoga, and has undertaken several teacher trainings with some of the leading Ashtanga Yoga practitioners.

Whilst her practice is rooted in the traditions of Ashtanga, Katie has moved away from the traditional Ashtanga sequence to explore a more playful approach to yoga, incorporating new poses into her classes each week. Katie brings a sense of freedom and creativity to her class in aim of encouraging people to explore the range of movement within their bodies and deepen their connection with themselves.

Katie’s classes are flowing and dynamic, always beginning with sun salutations to warm up before moving through a series of postures, which are each held for five breathes. The poses range from hard to easy with options and variations given to help you find what works best for your body. Don’t worry if you are not flexible this is not the essence of yoga and will naturally develop over time with a regular practice. The real essence of yoga is developing a deeper understanding and connection with yourself, which will help you in life beyond your yoga mat.

Yoga with Katie is a class that will teach you about self-compassion, becoming present and working with your body to release tension and build strength. The ultimate goal is to go beyond the physical and become reacquainted with your inner self. The class is a moving meditation, which will develop both physical and mental strength.