My Name is Karina, I am originallly from Bolivia but have been living
in London for the past 14 years. Dancing has been a part of my life
for as long as I can remember.

About 4 years ago, I discovered Zumba at a local gym and was instantly
hooked as it was music that I grew up with and very familiar to me. A
fellow class participant encouraged me to do the Zumba Instructor
Certification course and I have been teaching Zumba since September 2011.

My style of teaching is about high energy and having fun; when I
teach, my goal is for people to feel the music and let loose without
being overly concerned about whether they are doing it right or wrong,
I rather them to add their own flavour.

I also Love the diversity of participants that Zumba attracts, Zumba is
for everyone, I really Love to see people enjoying themselves as they dance
and workout.

So, what are you waiting for?
Dance like no one is watching you!
Don’t stop, keep on moving!
Keep on Dancing!