Irineu Nogueira

Irineu Nogueira is far from being an ordinary dance instructor. His methodology is unique, not relying on conventional choreography and rhythm steps. It is completely different from the everyday and customary “1,2,3,4…” ways of conveying the art of dancing. Dance classes are filled with sheer happiness, creativity, hearty music and plasticity.

“Irineu Nogueira is the most perfect translation of contemporary Afro-Brazilian dance. He teaches with his heart, and dances with his soul. He hypnotizes with his ancestral movements.” Cybelle Young (dance student)

Teaching experience: Afro-Brazilian dance, contemporary Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Brazilian Orixás, Samba, Brazilian Urban Fusion, Street Dance, Hip-Hop and Zouk classes worldwide.

Artist Preparation & Choreography
A new generation of Brazilian singers take with them to the stages, more often than ever, not only their gifted voices, but also choreographed dances carefully elaborated by Irineu Nogueira.

In this work, Irineu calls forth all his experience with musical groups, converting each rehearsal into a distinct spectacle. Moreover, he pays tribute, in each and every exhibition, to the staggering dance ability of human beings.