This class is aimed at all ages and fitness levels.
It may involve shadow boxing, skipping, hitting pads and variety of other exercises but no physical hitting of an opponent. It is therefore a fun, challenging and safe workout.
Silk shorts and flashy robes are not required!
Training stimulates your mind and boosts self-belief. Increases mental agility and stamina, improves posture and hand-eye coordination and strengthens muscles



Jaime Bodkin

When working with the individuals or coaching groups Jaime likes to create a progressive and constructive workout plan with measurable goals.

Jaime's classes are design to take participants on a journey of self achievement, gradually increasing intensity and difficulty of each session.


Event Hours(1)

19:15 - 20:00High IntensityJaime BodkinStudio 1


  • High Intensity / Jaime Bodkin / Studio 1
    19:15 - 20:00